Help Glaze Recover Stolen Gear



On the evening of April 9, Glaze‘s guitarist Stephen parked his van in his apartment’s garage. The van had just taken a long trek back from North Texas, where the band had just played a show. When he returned back to the vehicle later that night, the van had been broken into and all of the band’s gear (minus a bass amp) had been stolen. Below is a list of all the gear they are now missing.

• Black fender jazzmaster
• Fender hot rod deluxe (w/ green power jewel)
• Pulp n peel compressor
• Ivory overdrive
• Big green fuzz
• Mxr chorus
• Small stone phaser
• Boss digital delay dd-7
• Mxr carbon copy
• Tc Electronics hall of fame
• Soft Case

• Fender standard jaguar bass
• Ampeg svt classic bass head
• Big muff bass pedal
• MXR M83 bass chorus deluxe pedal
• Boss chromatic tuner
• Hard case w/ Mantra Love, Do512, Modern Noise stickers

• 23″ Zildjian Sweet Ride
• 16″ Sabian AAX crash
• 14″ Pork Pie snare – chrome
• Tama Iron Cobra kick pedal

To help replace and recover the gear, the band is asking for some monetary help to get back on their show feet again. So far the band has already raised almost $600 of their $5000 goal ($50 from the Mayor himself). They said they’re astounded by the amount of support they’ve received and, even though this did happen, they are happy to be in such a supportive community.

To show your own support, you can donate to their GoFundMe page and share this story. Hell, if you do it for any reason at all, do it so they’re ready to play our show on May 12 at Sidewinder!


Burger Records Hangover Fest Blind Presale

Hey hey, we’ve heard that one of the best fests in Texas, Hangover Fest in San Antonio, is gonna be extra dope this year. Today tickets went on sale for only $25, all you gotta do is have a little faith that they’re gonna give you a line-up that blows your mind. We got the faith — it’s Burger Records and Fuzzland.


Last year’s fest included greats like Bleached, Shannon and the Clams, Mean Jeans and more, so you can bet it’s gonna be good.


Ticket Giveaway: Luna at Mohawk


After more than 10 years, indie-rock band Luna are back on the road again, playing three shows in Texas, including one at The Mohawk on May 5. The band recorded eight studio albums from 1992 to 2005 and will be playing with the exact line-up they played with ’99 and beyond. To help us with our anticipation, we’ve got two tickets to giveaway, along with a signed poster. For a chance to win, go to our Facebook or Twitter page and share/retweet the post about this giveaway. We will announce a winner on Thursday afternoon. Hurry, run!


Music for a Cause: A Benefit for the Prison Ecology Project

This bill is stacked as fuck. If you pay attention to us at all over here at Ovrld, you’d know by now that we have big ol’ crushes on Super Thief and Borzoi, and the rest of these bands are quickly gaining our flirting eyes as well. Though I could talk all day about what great musicians are on this line-up, I would be skipping over the main point here, which is that this show is for a really great cause. Prisons in the country are dangerously over-populated and their prisoners ridiculously mistreated. The Prison Ecology Project works to help fight the injustices of things like the rise in prisoners getting cancer from their drinking water, developers knocking out 700 acres of endangered species’ habitats to build prisons, and to work against the fact that prisons have become big businesses just looking to make a buck.

We’d suggest you make it out to this headbanger at MonkeyWrench tonight, but if you can’t and still wanna donate or get involved, you can do that on the Prison Ecology Project website. Also, if you can get there by 5:30pm, you can join the Austin Anarchist Black Cross Organization in writing letters to prisoners.



Text by Ashley Bradley


Coming Soon to Red River?

Red River Cultural District

It looks like the Red River Cultural District is getting some new signage soon, showing off a logo for the venue-packed area of town that has had some epic highs and lows this year. We like the design of the posters and we’re glad that part of town is getting some new material to draw attention to its togetherness. We hope that this is also just a tease of larger civic attention for the Red River Cultural District, particularly since we’ve also heard that tension between Austin’s festival planners and neighborhood groups is heating up. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for the new posters and for more Red River Cultural District news in the coming months.


Show Advancement: No Bunny, The Coathangers and More at Sidewinder on Oct. 30


Sometimes a line-up comes along and I’m like, “WAIT, WHAT, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?” Majorrrr props to Transmission Events on this one, because every single band is fucking fantastic.

I don’t know how else to describe NOBUNNY (Justin Champlin) other than as the modern-day GG Allin. That dude’s punk-as-fuck. I recently heard a story from a promoter that when he was starting out he pissed off a whole bunch of bookers in LA by talking mad shit about them publicly, calling them out on only wanting to make money and not caring about the scene. I don’t know if that’s all true or not, but I’m on board.

I’m pretty sure The Coathangers are a band I  made up in my dreams, and I just need to pinch myself to wake up, but I DON’T WANT TO. They’re perfect, and every time I’ve seen them play (which is a lot, y’all, I’m teetering on groupie status), they fucking rock the house and turn audience members into Beiber-esque screaming teenagers. Wait, maybe that’s just me. BET!

Even the supporting bands on this bill are sick. From the screeching of Birth Defects‘ guitars to the rock n’ roll rifts of OBN III‘s, this show is going to be rowdy from start to fucking finish. Which, you might wanna chug those Red Bulls, because this one’s gonna go pretttty late since there’s an after party show too with locals Sailor Poon and Pleasure Venom. Both bands are female-fronted and killer as hell. Don’t miss ’em. Any of them. Like I said before, this is a v sick line-up. I wish I had booked it myself.


Get yo’ tickets quick, dudes. It’ll probably sell out because Sidewinder is pretttty petite.


Text by Ashley Bradley


Holy Crap, A Giant Dog Have Signed to Merge

A Giant Dog

Earlier today, Merge Records announced that they had signed hot shit local act A Giant Dog, bringing the Austin quintet into the same pantheon of indie rock royalty as Arcade Fire, Neutral Milk Hotel and AGD’s BFFs Spoon. We are of course very excited by this announcement, especially since it comes with the added bonus of a confirmation that the band’s next album will be hitting shelves in early 2016, according to Merge. For fans of all things Sabrina Ellis, this is shaping up to be a pretty great fourth quarter, with her other project Sweet Spirit releasing their debut album Cokomo on Friday. Sweet Spirit are currently housed on local label Nine Mile Records but given how close Ellis and company continue to get with the Merge crew, perhaps Sweet Spirit will be joining A Giant Dog on the roster before too long. In the meantime, congrats to A Giant Dog! And here’s our favorite video of theirs to celebrate with: