New Track: BLXPLTN “Start Fires”


BLXPLTN premiered their new track “Star Fires” exclusively on Vice’s Noisey blog earlier this week, but in case you missed it, BLXPLTN have made the track freely streamable on Soundcloud now. The original working title of the track was “Lion,” and everyone who has caught the band live knows how infectious its “You’re a tiger/And I’m a lion” chorus is but it’s nice to get a clear recording that allows more of Jonathan Horstmann’s voice to come out, right from that brilliant “Calling all casualties” opening. BLXPLTN’s small army of producers have wisely left these tracks more or less untouched from their live iterations, from the frantic guitar playing of Khattie Q to Horstmann’s ravey synth lines and TasZ’s muscular drumming. It’s easy to point out how aggro BLXPLTN tracks are, but much of the real appeal of the band is in their unique mixture of spicy and sweet elements, which is on full display here. Don’t forget BLXPLTN could use some help with their fundraising efforts right now, too.


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