Poster of the Week: Chain and the Gang at Hotel Vegas Tonight

Chain and the Gang Hotel Vegas

Up until the past couple months, Hotel Vegas’ default poster aesthetic had been repurposed ’70s sleaze, which is cool and all but I have to say I’m super into this rainbow riff they’ve got going on now. The poster for tonight’s Chain and the Gang show is probably the apex of this style, keeping the rainbow rebellion in the background as a dazed Ian Svenonius looks out from his jail cell at the paraphernalia that put him there and some cockroach mocking him with its on-the-nose symbolism of his illegal intake. Since this is Texas, whoever locked Ian up indulged in some legally a-okay assault, so he’s got a bandaid and a bloodied nose serving as keepsakes of his Texas trip. My only knock on this piece of art is that the headline text is a little too clean and modern. I don’t know, when I think of jail house handbills, Bebas Neue isn’t the font I’d pick, it being the default Taylor Swift text now and all.