Help Glaze Recover Stolen Gear



On the evening of April 9, Glaze‘s guitarist Stephen parked his van in his apartment’s garage. The van had just taken a long trek back from North Texas, where the band had just played a show. When he returned back to the vehicle later that night, the van had been broken into and all of the band’s gear (minus a bass amp) had been stolen. Below is a list of all the gear they are now missing.

• Black fender jazzmaster
• Fender hot rod deluxe (w/ green power jewel)
• Pulp n peel compressor
• Ivory overdrive
• Big green fuzz
• Mxr chorus
• Small stone phaser
• Boss digital delay dd-7
• Mxr carbon copy
• Tc Electronics hall of fame
• Soft Case

• Fender standard jaguar bass
• Ampeg svt classic bass head
• Big muff bass pedal
• MXR M83 bass chorus deluxe pedal
• Boss chromatic tuner
• Hard case w/ Mantra Love, Do512, Modern Noise stickers

• 23″ Zildjian Sweet Ride
• 16″ Sabian AAX crash
• 14″ Pork Pie snare – chrome
• Tama Iron Cobra kick pedal

To help replace and recover the gear, the band is asking for some monetary help to get back on their show feet again. So far the band has already raised almost $600 of their $5000 goal ($50 from the Mayor himself). They said they’re astounded by the amount of support they’ve received and, even though this did happen, they are happy to be in such a supportive community.

To show your own support, you can donate to their GoFundMe page and share this story. Hell, if you do it for any reason at all, do it so they’re ready to play our show on May 12 at Sidewinder!

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