Poster of the Week: Borzoi, Polio Club and more at Beerland September 26th

Borzoi Beerland

Samantha Wendel has been straight up killing it on the poster front for Beerland lately but this week’s selection for Borzoi’s Saturday, September 26th performance at Beerland might be my favorite design she has done so far. Utilizing a classic punk xerox aesthetic, Wendel mixes it up with a keen eye for repetition and the creative use of frames on frames on frames. Subcultural symbols are contained within dual stickers stating “I am a member of an immoral subculture” while xerox pockmarks make up a haphazard frame around that and are then contained within a more solid, traditional frame which is itself surrounded by some kitschy wallpaper. The colors and scratchiness are slightly reminiscent of the house style Merderhaus Records has been using on their Holy Mountain dates but there it leans Postcard Records rather than the old Club Foot posters Wendel appears to nod to.


Show Advancement: Sheer Mag at Sidewinder

Sheer Mag Poster

Sheer Mag came outta no where, right? I feel like they played SXSW this past year and now are EVERYWHERE, except Facebook for some reason (yeah, they don’t have a Facebook or band website). Before they came out with their most recent four-song EP simply named II 7″, it seemed that the only thing online from Sheer Mag or about Sheer Mag was their previous EP, even more simply named, 7″. Now when you google them you can find a Rolling Stone shout out, an NPR mention and a review from Pitchfork, other than several songs on YouTube. However elusive these babes are on the internet, they’ll be at Sidewinder in the flesh on Saturday with Glue, Strutter, and Flowers & Fire. If you go for any reason, make it to see punk goddess and Sheer Mag’s leading-lady Christina Halladay. I don’t know where those vocal cords came from, but I’m sure glad they arrived.

Tickets are only $10 and I heard are more than halfway sold out. Facebook RSVPs for this event are more than 400, and the venue can only hold around 200. Get on that shit.

Text by Ashley Bradley


Monday Night Pick: Critical Dad at Cheer Up Charlie’s

Critical Dad Cheer Up Charlie's

We love us some Critical Dad here at Ovrld. So were especially excited by the fact that the band’s frontman Val would be curating a month’s worth of shows at Cheer Up Charlie’s. Tonight, Val and crew are flanked by Worthless Animals, who put on a must-see live show, and Chicago’s Hot Breath, a band I know nothing about but love already because that is one of my dog’s many nicknames. Mean Girls unfortunately had to drop off the bill due to a medical emergency but this is still your best bet for Monday night thrills.



Show Advancement: The Get Up Kids 20th Anniversary Tour ends at Mohawk

The Get Uo Kids Poster

If you’re anything like me, The Get Up Kids were one of the first bands you ever listened to that wasn’t your parents’ music, that wasn’t a hit on the radio and that required obsessive listening. The fact that this is their 20th Anniversary tour makes me feel old, yes, but I can’t wait to be in the crowd at this show, feeling young again. Songs like “Out of Reach” and “Close to Home,” from their second album Something to Write Home About, I thought, defined me as a person and hand a huge hand in kick-starting my teenage-angsty years. To those memories deserve a good night of raising fists while belting lyrics into the sky. See ya at Mohawk on Wednesday, fellow-emo-connoisseurs. Tickets are $21 and will more than likely sell out.

Text by Ashley Bradley


Show Announcement: Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks with Mirror Travel at the Parish on 09/19

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Mirror Travel

Occasionally we get sent some secret info that we are allowed to share with you, dear reader. And today is such a day. Converse sent us an email letting us know that Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks are making a surprise appearance in Austin at the Parish on September 19th as part of their Rubber Tracks Live series, with handpicked local faves Mirror Travel in tow. Better yet, it’s a benefit for HOPE a non-profit that brings together artists and educators. It’s a free event but you’re going to need to go here to RSVP for tickets tomorrow. Full details are below and keep your eyes out for our review of the performance!


 Converse Partners with HOPE Events for Special Show on Saturday, September 19 at The Parish

Converse returns to Austin with a special Converse Rubber Tracks Live, a free concert music series featuring headlining indie-rock band, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, and Austin natives, Mirror Travel, a rock trio hand-selected by Malkmus and The Jicks to open the show. Music fans can register for free tickets to Converse Rubber Tracks Live at 12 p.m. EST on Wednesday, September 9 at

Converse is partnering with HOPE Events for this special Converse Rubber Tracks Live. As part of the show local Austin artist, Josh Row will create an exclusive mural at HOPE Outdoor Gallery located in Downtown Austin. Art from Row’s mural will also be featured on the official Converse Rubber Tracks Live show poster, which will be screen-printed and distributed to fans for free at the show.

Established in 2011, Converse Rubber Tracks is a multifaceted global music platform that provides emerging artists the opportunity to unleash their creative spirit. Converse Rubber Tracks recording studios connect artists with experienced engineers to create original music in a professional studio, at no cost. The program includes permanent studios in Brooklyn, São Paulo and Boston, along with various Converse Rubber Tracks pop-up studios hosted around the world. Converse Rubber Tracks Live is a free, live music series that takes a Converse Rubber Tracks recording artist to the stage, handpicked by a renowned headliner. For more information, please visit:

HOPE Events is a 501(c)3 non-profit that helps artists and musicians support education by connecting creatives with causes through projects, campaigns and events. For more information visit www. 

Saturday, September 19Doors are at 8 p.m.

Converse Rubber Tracks Live / The Parish, 214 E. 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701
HOPE Outdoor Gallery / 1101 Baylor Street, Austin, TX 7870


Friday Pick: Tunic with XETAS and Super Thief at Beerland

Tunic Xetas Super Thief Beerland

The Weakerthans might hate Winnipeg but I have to say I’m continuously impressed with the music that comes out of the city. Take Tunic, for instance, who are bringing an onslaught of provincial noise to Beerland tonight, alongside local faves XETAS and Super Thief. The group was new to me but I’ve had their tour single “Sandpaper” on loop, punctuating my daily ritual of social media self-loathing with bone saw guitars and barking declarations. Tunic have the feel of a tundra-set snuff film, wrong and brutal but impossible to turn away from even as you ponder when they’ll set their murderous sonic sights on you. Super Thief and XETAS are different kinds of heavy, less angular and more devoted to ’90s hardcore than ’80s Chicago shit, but that should only serve to make this bill a full buffet of brutalism.

 Nick Hanover got his degree from Disneyland, but he’s the last of the secret agents and he’s your man. Which is to say you can find his particular style of espionage here at Ovrld as well as Loser City, where he mostly writes about comics. You can also flip through his archives at  Comics Bulletin, which he is formerly the Co-Managing Editor of, and Spectrum Culture, where he contributed literally hundreds of pieces for a few years. Or if you feel particularly adventurous, you can always witness his odd .gif battles with his friends and enemies on twitter: @Nick_Hanover 


Periscope Performance: Black Market Pluto Roster Performs Their Mixtape Live

Black Market Pluto

We’re still getting used to Periscope, a kind of Twitch-like service for music and talk instead of games and n00b attacks, but we like how some artists are using to let fans catch unique, one off performances. That’s what Black Market Pluto are doing tonight, August 6th, at 9:30 p.m. CST, bringing their roster together to perform their upcoming label mixtape live. BMP acts like Bateau, Suicide Notes, HADES and even legendary Austin hip hop titan MC Overlord will be taking part, and all you have to do to check it out is follow @blackmarketpluto on Periscope. In the meantime, check out this track Bateau and HADES did for a remix competition local hotshot Eric Dingus is doing:


Poster of the Week: Chain and the Gang at Hotel Vegas Tonight

Chain and the Gang Hotel Vegas

Up until the past couple months, Hotel Vegas’ default poster aesthetic had been repurposed ’70s sleaze, which is cool and all but I have to say I’m super into this rainbow riff they’ve got going on now. The poster for tonight’s Chain and the Gang show is probably the apex of this style, keeping the rainbow rebellion in the background as a dazed Ian Svenonius looks out from his jail cell at the paraphernalia that put him there and some cockroach mocking him with its on-the-nose symbolism of his illegal intake. Since this is Texas, whoever locked Ian up indulged in some legally a-okay assault, so he’s got a bandaid and a bloodied nose serving as keepsakes of his Texas trip. My only knock on this piece of art is that the headline text is a little too clean and modern. I don’t know, when I think of jail house handbills, Bebas Neue isn’t the font I’d pick, it being the default Taylor Swift text now and all.


Help Three Bones Find Their Stolen Gear

Three Bones


Our friends in Three Bones shared some bad news yesterday, writing that they came home to discover that their gear had been stolen. The band is currently finishing up a residency at Scoot Inn, the second to last event is actually going down tonight with Anthony DaCosta and Linen Closet, which makes it even more unfortunate that their guitars have disappeared. If you have any info on the missing equipment, Three Bones urges you to call the police.



Poster of the Week: US Weekly Tour Kick Off at Holy Mountain Tonight

US Weekly Holy Mountain

Ryan David Curtis put together this poster for his band US Weekly’s tour kick off at Holy Mountain tonight and even if it didn’t involve a male chastity device, it’s a no-brainer for Poster of the Week. So many Austin posters are cluttered as all hell but like US Weekly’s album art, this is poster is an excellent display of the power of white space, sticking to the band’s red, white and grey palette to catch the eye with minimal interference. The boldness of the font and that soft red keep your eye centered so well that it’s easy to miss the fact that the tennis player cut-outs are knocking a trapped penis back and forth. If that’s not a major artistic accomplishment, I don’t know what it is.

Thankfully this stunning bit of penis art is in service to an equally stunning bill, as US Weekly are getting sent off into the great unknown with the aid of the acerbic New China and the always reliable Borzoi as well as newcomers Desire Lines. If you haven’t peeped US Weekly yet, you’re in luck because they recently did a KVRX session that is sure to whet your appetite.