Poster of the Week: Twin Vision at Trailer Space by Alisa Longoria

Twin Vision Forty Dead Men Trailer Space

We’re already fans of Twin Vision so it wouldn’t take much to encourage us to go catch one of their shows (or watch one of their videos), but holy shit, this poster Alisa Longoria did for the band’s upcoming gig at Trailer Space on Saturday, September 13th is a pretty fantastic incentive. Looking like a Dia de los Muertos interpretation of Hunter S. Thompson with holographic pogs for eyes, the central image of the poster is macabre but lighthearted. A good, striking central image is always a plus in poster design, but what’s equally notable here is the washed out, industrial grime color palette, a stark contrast to the muted coloring that dominates a lot of contemporary band design. I love the mixture of the fonts, too, from that grungy text in the sunglasses to the svelt, classical curves of the headliner and the more simplistic, clear info up top. Alisa Longoria did some fantastic work here, so be sure to give this designer the ultimate compliment by actually heading down to the show. It’s even free! –Nick Hanover




Tuesday Night Pick: ssleeperhold, S U R V I V E and Missions at Cheer Up Charlie’s

ssleeperhold Cheer Up Charlie's

Purveyors of sludgy minimalist synth experimentation S U R V I V E are about to head out on a pretty massive North American tour which means that even though it’s a Tuesday and you’ve got responsibilities, you should pop by Cheer Up Charlie’s tonight to catch them while you still can. As if that wasn’t incentive enough, though, they’re joined by Holodeck star ssleeperhold, whose album Ruleth was one of our top picks last year, thanks in part to the mammoth track “beatsslave.”


Thursday Night Pick: Bear in Heaven, Weeknight and Young Magic at the Parish

Bear in Heaven are a pretty good little electro-rock outfit but what really has us excited for their show tonight at the Parish is the inclusion of NYC dark synth duo Weeknight, whose video “Dark Light” is one of my favorites this year. Several months back I said “Dark Light” features “the best synchronized group dancing this side of the xx’s “Islands”,” as well as “forties and baseball bats and ample booty shots,” which should be enough to get you to hit the play button above. I’ve yet to see the duo live but their casual visual flair and macabre yet engaging sound has me eager to see them in person, and I’d urge you to get on board too before Robert Rodriguez steals them away to star in Sin City 3: Everybody is Just Naked All the Time


Video: Austin Mic Exchange Stands in Solidarity with Ferguson

Austin Mic Exchange, the weekly hip-hop open mic night that takes place at Spider House Ballroom on Tuesdays at 11 pm, got some of its emcees together last night to make a video showing their support for the people of Ferguson. The video features a diverse array of new and established artists, including Austin hip-hop vets Zeale, Pojo the Idealist and AMX co-founder P-Tek himself. Check it out, and don’t forget Weird City, the hip-hop festival AMX has been building, kicks off in about a month.


News: Vegatron Singer Andrew Collins in Intensive Care After Accident, Needs Your Help

Andrew Collins Vegatron

We just received word that Andrew Collins, best known as the singer of local group Vegatron, is in intensive care after a motorcycle accident. Here are the details that were forwarded to us and which echo a post made on Vegatron’s page:

“Austin musician Andrew Collins was in a serious motorcycle accident on Tuesday, and is currently in a coma. Andrew is best known as the vocalist for Austin bands including At All Cost, LAX, and Vegatron. 

His family has put up a page for donations to help him with the expenses involved with his medical care and what is sure to be a very long recovery process. 

Here’s a link to the donation page set up by his family:

Here’s the latest update on what happened. We don’t have any more info on his current condition, other than that he is still unconscious as of today.

On Tuesday, August 12, Andrew Collins was in a motorcycle accident that left him in Intensive Care. He sustained 4 broken ribs, a broken nose, broken leg, broken scapula, and a basilar fracture in his skull which has caused bleeding in his brain.”

We’re deeply saddened by this news and our thoughts are with Collins and his friends and family. We know that it has been a very trying week for everyone but if you are able to donate or spread the word, it would be very appreciated. We will keep you updated as we learn more.


Monday Night Pick: Dark Time Sunshine with Rafael Vigilantics, Soundfounder, Curbside Jones and More

Dark Time Sunshine Holy Mountain

Fake Four Inc is one of the most exciting labels in hip-hop today, with a roster full of acts that are pushing the boundaries of the genre, whether it’s noise rap pioneers Moodie Black or the spacey classicism of Dark Time Sunshine, the latter of which is touching down in Austin tonight at Holy Mountain with a fleet of fantastic ATX acts on board. Dark Time Sunshine are a psych-leaning answer to Doomtree’s punk rap, sharing Doomtree’s penchant for breakneck beats and flows but filtering it through layers upon layers of trippy guitar samples and sunny vocal loops. For Austin support they’ve got The Good Life head honcho Clemits and Curbside Jones, a multitalented producer, emcee and writer whose Cherry Blossom Effect: Trance(end) reissue we singled out as one of last year’s best albums, as well as former Austin resident turned LA expat Rafael Vigilantics, audio collage master soundfounder. Denver’s Big J Beats is also on the bill, making that $8 jam packed with value.



Friday Night Pick: BLSHS, Sip Sip, Sphynx and Electric Attitude at Holy Mountain

I’ve been a fan of Houston dream pop trio BLSHS since their sly immersion into the Houston music scene last summer and their consequential explosion with their fantastic debut release in January. BLSHS captures and entrances with their synth-leaning concoctions backing front lady Michelle Miears’s dazzling and alluring vocals that hit the right notes across the board from 80s themed dance anthems to southern-tinged 808s driven soulful melodies. They’ll be making the journey to Austin with fellow Houston standouts Electric Attitude who bring a down and dirty funkiness with a dash of disco dance and more foot stomping old fashioned rock n’ roll influence than they give themselves credit for. Joining them for the night is Sip Sip, a group you have to see to believe as they lure you in with a funky soul big band sound then drop effortlessly integrated rhymes mid song. All of this leading up to the tour kickoff of Sphynx, the self-described “Queen but with two Freddie Mercurys…and also a Phil Collins” indie glam pop-rockers will be hitting the road, but before they do they’re determined for one more night to force you to hit the dance floor. DJ Darth Vena will be kicking the night off with a blast so show up early! Doors are at 9pm at Holy Mountain for $6, all ages!

– Nate Abernethy

BLSHS Holy Mountain


Time Capsule: Check out an older Austin in The Pool’s “Dance It Down”

As well as being a sterling example of how long Austin has been keeping it weird, The Pool’s lost classic “Dance It Down” video also provides a great snap shot of how Austin looked in the ’80s, opening with shots of a relatively small but clearly expanding downtown before moving on to shots of scenesters on roller blades shuffling around what I’m thinking are Channel Austin soundstages. There’s also a “dance off” in a corridor of UT and plenty of shots of pre-gentrified Austin areas and some “Dance It Down” tagging of alleyways. How could you possibly resist dancing it down?


News: You Blew It! Needs Your Help Tracking Down Stolen Gear

Yesterday in San Antonio, Florida punk band You Blew It!‘s van was robbed by some thugs driving a grey Chevy Suburban. The band is understandably distraught and is currently raising donations through PayPal to replace the gear so they can continue with their tour, their PayPal e-mail is You can also buy merch from them or buy their albums if that’s more your speed, since their merch company is waving processing fees and the band’s label Top Shelf Records is sending all proceeds the band’s way. We’ve got a list of the gear below with links to pictures, but the band also lost personal effects including a retainer, so if you know any grey Suburban drivers in San Antonio with a dental equipment fetish, let the band know.