Poster of the Week: Borzoi, Polio Club and more at Beerland September 26th

Borzoi Beerland

Samantha Wendel has been straight up killing it on the poster front for Beerland lately but this week’s selection for Borzoi’s Saturday, September 26th performance at Beerland might be my favorite design she has done so far. Utilizing a classic punk xerox aesthetic, Wendel mixes it up with a keen eye for repetition and the creative use of frames on frames on frames. Subcultural symbols are contained within dual stickers stating “I am a member of an immoral subculture” while xerox pockmarks make up a haphazard frame around that and are then contained within a more solid, traditional frame which is itself surrounded by some kitschy wallpaper. The colors and scratchiness are slightly reminiscent of the house style Merderhaus Records has been using on their Holy Mountain dates but there it leans Postcard Records rather than the old Club Foot posters Wendel appears to nod to.

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