Poster of the Week: Twin Vision at Trailer Space by Alisa Longoria

Twin Vision Forty Dead Men Trailer Space

We’re already fans of Twin Vision so it wouldn’t take much to encourage us to go catch one of their shows (or watch one of their videos), but holy shit, this poster Alisa Longoria did for the band’s upcoming gig at Trailer Space on Saturday, September 13th is a pretty fantastic incentive. Looking like a Dia de los Muertos interpretation of Hunter S. Thompson with holographic pogs for eyes, the central image of the poster is macabre but lighthearted. A good, striking central image is always a plus in poster design, but what’s equally notable here is the washed out, industrial grime color palette, a stark contrast to the muted coloring that dominates a lot of contemporary band design. I love the mixture of the fonts, too, from that grungy text in the sunglasses to the svelt, classical curves of the headliner and the more simplistic, clear info up top. Alisa Longoria did some fantastic work here, so be sure to give this designer the ultimate compliment by actually heading down to the show. It’s even free! –Nick Hanover




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