Poster of the Week: US Weekly Tour Kick Off at Holy Mountain Tonight

US Weekly Holy Mountain

Ryan David Curtis put together this poster for his band US Weekly’s tour kick off at Holy Mountain tonight and even if it didn’t involve a male chastity device, it’s a no-brainer for Poster of the Week. So many Austin posters are cluttered as all hell but like US Weekly’s album art, this is poster is an excellent display of the power of white space, sticking to the band’s red, white and grey palette to catch the eye with minimal interference. The boldness of the font and that soft red keep your eye centered so well that it’s easy to miss the fact that the tennis player cut-outs are knocking a trapped penis back and forth. If that’s not a major artistic accomplishment, I don’t know what it is.

Thankfully this stunning bit of penis art is in service to an equally stunning bill, as US Weekly are getting sent off into the great unknown with the aid of the acerbic New China and the always reliable Borzoi as well as newcomers Desire Lines. If you haven’t peeped US Weekly yet, you’re in luck because they recently did a KVRX session that is sure to whet your appetite.



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