Music for a Cause: A Benefit for the Prison Ecology Project

This bill is stacked as fuck. If you pay attention to us at all over here at Ovrld, you’d know by now that we have big ol’ crushes on Super Thief and Borzoi, and the rest of these bands are quickly gaining our flirting eyes as well. Though I could talk all day about what great musicians are on this line-up, I would be skipping over the main point here, which is that this show is for a really great cause. Prisons in the country are dangerously¬†over-populated and their prisoners ridiculously mistreated. The Prison Ecology Project works to help fight the injustices of things like the rise in prisoners getting cancer from their drinking water, developers knocking out 700 acres of endangered species’ habitats to build prisons, and to work against the fact that prisons have become big businesses just looking to make a buck.

We’d suggest you make it out to this headbanger at MonkeyWrench tonight, but if you can’t and still wanna donate or get involved, you can do that on the¬†Prison Ecology Project website. Also, if you can get there by 5:30pm, you can join the Austin Anarchist Black Cross Organization in writing letters to prisoners.



Text by Ashley Bradley

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