Show Advancement: No Bunny, The Coathangers and More at Sidewinder on Oct. 30


Sometimes a line-up comes along and I’m like, “WAIT, WHAT, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?” Majorrrr props to Transmission Events on this one, because every single band is fucking fantastic.

I don’t know how else to describe NOBUNNY (Justin Champlin) other than as the modern-day GG Allin. That dude’s punk-as-fuck. I recently heard a story from a promoter that when he was starting out he pissed off a whole bunch of bookers in LA by talking mad shit about them publicly, calling them out on only wanting to make money and not caring about the scene. I don’t know if that’s all true or not, but I’m on board.

I’m pretty sure The Coathangers are a band I  made up in my dreams, and I just need to pinch myself to wake up, but I DON’T WANT TO. They’re perfect, and every time I’ve seen them play (which is a lot, y’all, I’m teetering on groupie status), they fucking rock the house and turn audience members into Beiber-esque screaming teenagers. Wait, maybe that’s just me. BET!

Even the supporting bands on this bill are sick. From the screeching of Birth Defects‘ guitars to the rock n’ roll rifts of OBN III‘s, this show is going to be rowdy from start to fucking finish. Which, you might wanna chug those Red Bulls, because this one’s gonna go pretttty late since there’s an after party show too with locals Sailor Poon and Pleasure Venom. Both bands are female-fronted and killer as hell. Don’t miss ’em. Any of them. Like I said before, this is a v sick line-up. I wish I had booked it myself.


Get yo’ tickets quick, dudes. It’ll probably sell out because Sidewinder is pretttty petite.


Text by Ashley Bradley

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