Show Advancement: Sheer Mag at Sidewinder

Sheer Mag Poster

Sheer Mag came outta no where, right? I feel like they played SXSW this past year and now are EVERYWHERE, except Facebook for some reason (yeah, they don’t have a Facebook or band website). Before they came out with their most recent four-song EP simply named II 7″, it seemed that the only thing online from Sheer Mag or about Sheer Mag was their previous EP, even more simply named, 7″. Now when you google them you can find a Rolling Stone shout out, an NPR mention and a review from Pitchfork, other than several songs on YouTube. However elusive these babes are on the internet, they’ll be at Sidewinder in the flesh on Saturday with Glue, Strutter, and Flowers & Fire. If you go for any reason, make it to see punk goddess and Sheer Mag’s leading-lady Christina Halladay. I don’t know where those vocal cords came from, but I’m sure glad they arrived.

Tickets are only $10 and I heard are more than halfway sold out. Facebook RSVPs for this event are more than 400, and the venue can only hold around 200. Get on that shit.

Text by Ashley Bradley

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