Sunday Night Pick: III Bones at Hotel Vegas

III Bones Hotel Vegas

Sunday brings another Austin newcomer to look out for. III Bones have been a slowly simmering success down in Florida and after recording their upcoming album at Good Danny’s relocated to Austin. The duo-centric group has a soulful-serenading presence that carries the spirit of Memphis blues and their flashes of foot stomping swamp rock will remind you of the tenacity of The Ghost Wolves. III Bones transcends any comparison though with their bold embrace of lo-fi sound. Its gritty and feels more than it sounds. Lead singer Victoria de Benedicty has a timeless voice with a trembling timbre that can stop you in your tracks or send you spiraling into a dance of total loss of body control. Joining them will be Blynd Birds, the garage blues culmination of Jared Michaels genre-swirling into a cohesive project. Michaels embraces the unheard of combining the voice of a raspy wearing traveler stumbling straight out of a western saloon with modern lightning quick electric guitar slamming. It promises to be a packed night of discovery of new favorites with Ben Ballinger delivering an intimate solo set and The Carousels new moniker Supermoon setting the night off right. See you at Hotel Vegas at 9PM!


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