Welcome to Plus Ones

If you’re on this page, then that means you’ve stumbled across Ovrld’s new blog, Plus Ones. “Wait,” you ask, “I thought Ovrld was a blog? Why does a blog need a blog? What’s next, dogs on dogs?” These are perfectly acceptable questions. Except that dogs on dogs bit. Can’t help you there.

Plus Ones is meant as a platform for some of the stuff we get sent at Ovrld that just doesn’t fit on the main site for feature content. Sometimes that’s a brand new track from a beloved band, or a really great poster for a local show, or some interesting news one of our fellow publications have broken about Austin music. Or maybe it’s just something fun we want to share you without the pressure of turning it into a full length article. Plus Ones will also be a home for bonus content from other pieces, whether it’s more photos from our amazing stable of local photographers, audio outtakes from interviews, and maybe even video outtakes from projects we’re working on. We also want it to be way for us to include the community more, from photos fans have taken at local shows to commentary on how our weekends went or responses to issues that arise in Austin’s music scene. And because we’re committed to continuing to put Austin music first on Ovrld, Plus Ones offers a place for us to let you know about good national acts that are coming through without making our homepage an invasion of touring bands.

Hopefully you’ll like it, and as we continue to develop it we’ll be listening for your thoughts on what’s working and what isn’t. Thanks for reading our site and for all your support!

– Morgan Davis
Managing Editor

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