Video: The Young’s “Cry of Tin”

It’s always great to see a local band get some attention at a national outlet, especially when it’s an outlet on the level of the AV Club, which premiered The Young’s new video for “Cry of Tin” today. If you haven’t heard it yet, “Cry of Tin” is slight step away from the more classic rock oriented sounds of the band’s Matador Records debut¬†Dub Egg, featuring a motorik rhythm and forboding guitars screeching out noisy, delay-drenched riffs. The video itself is a riff on the standard broke band practice of taking over a storage unit and making it a DIY practice space, but since these are especially bleak economic times, the band is surrounded by lawyers, massage therapists and other professionals who agree commercial real estate rent is too damn high. ¬†But then some amoral locksmiths get involved and everything goes to hell. Go see for yourself.

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